Sunday, June 1, 2014

Birthday Party/Team Party

We started off the day by celebrating Hunter's friend, Zane's, birthday at Desoto Caverns. It was a wonderful party and the boys had a blast!!!

Gage was too small to participate in some of the activities so he just watched from the comfort of his stroller :-)

Had fun digging for precious stone/rocks. Not exactly sure what all he found but he had a blast digging for them then cleaning them. That's all that mattered!

Then it was off to Hunter's team party at Bouncin' Bee's Bouncy place or something like that. We got to celebrate a great season with some terrific kids!

 Even Gage had a blast at his brother's party...

 Hunter and his friend Addie!

 This was the best picture I could get of him holding his trophy. He was very upset with me that it was time to leave. Oops!

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