Saturday, May 17, 2014

Hunter's 5th Birthday Party

Can't believe Hunter is about to be 5.. gosh where has the time gone?!?! To celebrate Hunter requested that we have his party at TreeTop Adventure. It was such an easy party and I am so glad he chose to have it there. All of his family and friends got to come and we had a blast!

This is pretty much the only game he played... he stayed on this one and the race cars right beside this game the whole time pretty much.

Hunter and Kane enjoying the race car game..

The first activity that they did was putt-putt. The kids had fun and even more fun when we didn't take it so seriously. We just played the best we could and had fun with it!

Scares me to wonder what in the world they are talking about. ha!

Mattie, Michaela, Elainah, Ava, Hunter and Kane enjoying putt-putt golf!

Thomas golfing like a pro...

You can tell Anderson's dad plays golf because he was taking it serious and playing better than all of us!

This was our party Captain, DD. He did fantastic with the kids!

Poor Thomas hit the ball into the pond and his Dad got the honor of "fishing" it out...

Then it was off to ride go carts..

Zayden was truly enjoying himself :-)

Time to eat cake!!!

He is way too cool!!
Thanks to Nana, Hunter had an awesome Monster Mutt birthday cake. It was exactly what he requested. I wish I had that kind of talent.. just amazing!

And of course every monster truck driver has to have lollipops to eat!

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