Saturday, May 24, 2014

Hunter's 5th Birthday and last week of school

I can't believe this little stinker is 5 years old. Gosh where has the time gone?!?! He has grown so much this past year and it is making me very sad and proud all at the same time. He had a successful year at pre-school and has learned a lot. He went from not being able to hold a pencil correctly, writing, nor coloring in the lines to doing all that plus some math. He is very smart and is eager to learn which I love and I hope that sticks with him throughout life. He helps out around the house, dresses himself and even takes a shower by himself. He is me made over and that can come with its issues; He challenges me every single day but in the end he is the most sweetest boy in the entire world. Matt and I couldn't imagine life without him. Thank you Hunter for choosing Matt and me as your parents. We love you so much!

On his birthday he had school, ballgame and then we went out to eat to celebrate with the grandparents.

This is little guy opening up his birthday presents a day early since he had a game on his actual birthday and we would be home late

The day after his birthday he had water day at school to celebrate the end of the year. I hate I didn't get to make it but a sweet mother who was there sent me a picture of him having a blast. He was so excited!

After I picked him up from school, Matt met us at the park and we ate lunch and played for a little bit before nap time. Hunter was such a good brother and helped Gage have a good time on the slide.

 Gage decided it was a lot more fun to slide face first than feet first...He is gonna be a dare-devil and I am terrified but taking on the challenge! He is such a sweetheart even when he does something not so nice he just has this innocent smile on his face. :-)

At school they went ahead and did a Father's Day questionnaire about Matt. It was the cutest thing ever! Seems like I married me an OLD man!!
 Hunter was out of school to do all of the Mother's Day crafts but his sweet teacher had him do one the last day of school so that I would have it. I am so thankful to be able to have this and keep forever. I just need to go find me a rainbow dress, flower shoes and wear my alabama hat.. ha!

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