Tuesday, May 13, 2014

End of the Year Program

Bittersweet that Hunter's year of preschool is coming to an end. He has been pretty sick so I was worried that he wouldn't make it to his program but sure enough he did. It was the cutest program and they sang nearly 10-15 songs. It was unreal that they could remember that many! It still just breaks my heart that he has a few more days left of preschool :-(

My handsome fella.. He was very upset with me because of what I made him wear. He said it itched and it was cutting his arms off. He is a tad dramatic I would say. ha! If he had it his way he would have been wearing his T-Rex or Monster truck tshirt.

Hunter had the special part of playing David from David and Goliath. He was so cute and did just fantastic!

Gage loved supporting his big brother.. he watched and clapped the whole time Hunter sang. However this is a picture right before he face planted into the grass. Gotta love him!

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