Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Happy Easter! We started off celebrating the wonderful fact that Jesus died on the cross for us by having a wonderful egg hunt at the church the Sunday before Easter. After the kids hunted eggs we all eat hot dogs and enjoyed everyone's company.

 Hunter and this boy were pointing out and planning where they were going to run first. It was too funny listening to them talking all serious about eggs :-)

 Later that week we dyed eggs and Hunter got to decorate them with silly faces!
 Gage supervised while eating cheese itz. Gotta make sure the eggs are done right...

 This is Hunter's masterpiece!
 The Saturday before Easter we eat lunch and hunted eggs at my Aunt Darnell and Uncle Slim's house. It is usually always a huge egg hunt with family and friends.
 He was excited when he found out that money was going to be in each egg...
 Booger got his first egg!
 Shaking his egg making sure it had money in it. Ha!

 Madison and Gage enjoying a ride in the wagon..
 Easter morning opening the gifts the Easter Bunny brought them. I love their sleepy looks :-)

 Gage has been walking off and on for the past week. He will walk about 5 steps then stop for the rest of the day. With an older brother that runs everywhere he realizes he can get places a lot faster by crawling so that is what he wants to do 99.9% of the time. Easter at lunch he decided to walk a lot more. I FINALLY got to take a picture.. next I have to get it on video.

 The boys got to hunt eggs at their Aunt Tanya and Uncle Craig's house.

We had a wonderful Easter and are completely exhausted but enjoyed the beautiful weather and the fact that Jesus made it to where we have the chance to go to Heaven. Couldn't get any better than that!

Hunter's teacher sent me these pictures of his class hunting eggs at school then going to Snow Biz later on.. had to share!

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