Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Beach 2

Annual family beach photos...

Tried to get some pictures of Gage like I did of Hunter when he was the same age. Gage was not having it. I guess he was just too tired so I did the best I could..

My blue-eyed boys have me wrapped around their finger..

Then off to our annual go-cart riding. Love it! Gage and I stayed in the car while he took a nap and Mimi took pictures while the "men" rode. Hunter was in heaven!

I love sleepy-head pajama morning beach pictures. They are the sweetest!

We had a great beach trip and can't wait to get to go again one day!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Beach Part 1

We thankfully got to take a much needed beach trip this year. This was one of our first trips traveling during the day with two kids. Wow it was interesting because they both didn't take a nap really. I think next time we will try to travel during the night!! haha  That was enough riding for all of us really. There was a place to eat right across the street from the condo and that was the perfect place because we could walk to it and didn't have to force the kids back into the car. That would have been a nightmare!

It was still early in the year but the weather was perfect yet the water was freezing! Hunter enjoyed the fact that the condo place had a heated pool that he got to enjoy first thing in the morning. I think this boy could live in the water if we would let him!

Even this silly boy enjoyed the water!

Perfect time to build a sand castle..
I wasn't sure if Gage was going to like the sand or not. Last year he was too young to truly decide but this year he loved it. He was content just sitting in the sand and playing all day. Yep..he is definitely a part of the family!

These two love eachother so much!

Back to the pool we go..
Trying to get him confident to swim again without his swimmies. He had it down pat at the end of last summer.. now just got to get his confidence back up.
Never to early to start ;-)

I don't see how he could stand the cold water. Honestly not much will hold him back from swimming. Love that little farmers tan :-)

We were throwing the football and it seems that Gage wanted in on the action..

I wish I only knew what was going on in his brilliant mind. The whole world in his hands.. Oh to be a kid again!