Sunday, March 9, 2014

Birthday Party

What the yummiest party around? Milk and Cookies that is!! I was definitely the most delicious party yet :-) We had it at my Dad and Teresa's house as usual. They are such wonderful hosts and without their help and my Mom's help I would have been a stressed mommy. Thankfully everything was fine and I think Gage fully enjoyed himself. So much so that he fell asleep as soon as he got in his new car seat!

 Mrs. Paula made Gage the cutest shirt in town!!
 When Hunter gets to my dad's he completely disappears. He goes to Collin's room, grabs a toy gun and heads outside to play. Love it!!
 Family photo time!!
 Not too happy about being in the high chair. Doesn't want to be confined unless he truly knows he is about to eat.
 Face changed once he saw the cake and candle!

 Present time....

 Unfortunately yes it took two MEN to put this toy together.. haha!

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