Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Snow Day and 11 months old

Tuesday, Feb 4th, we got the news that we would have a chance of snow flurries or as the weather man said a "dusting" of snow. In Alabama that usually means in no way will we get snow. When I got to work I realized we started getting some flurries and then maybe 30-45 minutes later realized that it was truly sticking and snowing fast. At about 10:30 they started letting out the schools so I went and grabbed Sara and her friend Marley then went and got Hunter from school. By that time people were having wrecks from slipping and sliding on the ice that had formed on the roads already. I worried making sure all of the family got home safely.

Hunter's sweet teacher, Mrs. Stacey, sent me this picture of the kids at school. It is a given rule that you HAVE to go out and play when it is snowing!

Hunter got to make snow ice cream for the first time. I have to be is soo delicious and has to be good for you :-) I told him it was great, just make sure you don't scoop up the yellow snow! ha

Gage had been dealing with an ear infection so we didn't let him go outside to play but he got to see the snow first hand for just a few minutes. 

 Enjoying the snow with Daddy....

 Please excuse his busted lip. We had his mattress in the living room to camp out and he did a flying leap on the pillows and hit his lip/mouth on the coffee table. He messed up in the inside of his mouth pretty bad to where he will have to go to the dentist one day to get them to look at his top gum. Poor kid. Wish I could say he learned his lesson but he was doing it again 3 days later. Boys!!

 Happy 11th months old little guy! Can't believe he will be a year old in a month. He is into everything still but him and Hunter play so good together and have a blast with eachother. His favorite thing to play with right now is my old kitchen set that I had when I was little. Him and Hunter will play forever pulling out all the food and strolling it all across the house. His favorite foods are animal crackers, cherrios, yogurt and some fruits. He will usually pick animal crackers over about anything.

 My country boy going to help daddy work on the cars. He loves helping his daddy no matter what it is. He is going to be a wonderful man one day because he has the best example being set for him! His picture got photo-bombed but a little nosey booger.
 Isn't he a cutie?!?!

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