Tuesday, January 21, 2014

10 Months and Ice Cream

Look who is 10 months old and who is pulling up and trying to stand all by himself! Please excuse his pawpaw look of no pants with black high socks and shoes :-) It's the easiest way he can get around on the hardwood floor. He is so proud of himself and looks around making sure we saw him pull up. He is soo alert and into everything. I used to think Hunter made a mess in the house but gosh it is Gage. I can clean up everything and the next minute he has every single thing in the house pulled out and pulls it out the loudest way possibly.. ha! He is happy so that's all that matters I guess.

My mom and I were off on MLK day so we thought what better way to celebrate a day off than going to Blue Bell to get some ice cream. Hunter has been begging to go but they were closed for a little bit to rennovating. Gage just got introduced to ice cream and boy does he love it. Actually so far he has chosen vanilla over chocolate and likes strawberry. Hunter loves the Krazy Kolors one at Blue Bell... it is a mixture of red, yellow and blue. He loves that it makes his tongue turn colors :-)


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