Friday, December 26, 2014


Christmas Eve Gage started running a fever and crashed before 7:30 so Hunter and I got everything ready for when Santa came. We figured Santa would understand that Gage didn't participate this time.

This boy is goofy. I either get a truly goofy smile or a serious face. Gracious alive!!

Mawmaw gave the boys these beautiful hand stitched pillow cases that she bought. They are supposed to help the boys fall asleep quickly and have good dreams. I don't know if it worked or not but Hunter was out in about 10 minutes, which is unusual. He was very excited to sleep on the pillow case can't you tell?!?!
I just had to get a picture of Gage with the pillow case. This was the best I could get. He is still precious...
Santa finally came to visit!!!
Again I was up before the boys. I guess I am still a kid at heart and am always going to wake up before them.
Crazy boy with crazy hair.. love him to pieces and he was excited about his lego's

Went straight to the bedroom to play his new Wii games. This is where we find him now at any free moment!

My parents and Matt's parents came over after we opened presents so they can eat some breakfast and the boys can open presents from them. We always enjoy it when they come over. We are truly blessed with such wonderful family.

Now it's time to open presents with Mimi and Pops!

Ah the joy of putting lego's together. Hunter was soo excited that I thought he would help put them together. Boy was I wrong :-)

Traditional Christmas picture in front of the tree of my handsome boys...
Not much better than building a tent, camping out and watching movies all day. My kind of lazy day!!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas with Family

Matt and I were still under the weather.. passing the flu around so Hunter and Gage went to the family Christmas's without us. I got to spend a few hours with Matt's side of the family but had to go home to take care of him. They boys didn't care either way, they had a blast. Soon after they both were under the weather. Hate that we missed some family functions but so glad that we are on the road to recovery.
Christmas on Matt's side of the family.
Someone was excited to open presents....

Christmas at the Diffie's

Poor guy you can tell by this picture that he was starting to not feel the best. :-(

I enjoy seeing them play with each other and Hunter showing/helping Gage with his toys.

Those blue eyes are killer!
Playing with their toy guns outside

The only Christmas we all made it to that was outside of our house was my Dad's with my grandparents on that side. We enjoyed some chili and family time.

The boys sure do love their Uncle Collin!!