Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Thanksgiving and getting ready for Christmas

We celebrated Thanksgiving by first going to Matt's sisters house to eat with his side of the family and then to eat for my mother's side. The food was delicious and I know I ate way too much! Hunter had fun with his cousins that he gets to see maybe 3 times a year. They get a long great and are always getting into something ;-)

Hunter and Elainah waiting for Matt to get through blowing leaves off the side roof. The had fun watching him through the window!

 I really mustache you a question?!?!
 Even Gage had fun with his cousins....

 Gage with Luke and Christian...

 Hunter, Elainah and Mattie.. Three Musketeers who always have a blast together.
 It finally stopped raining long enough for us to get the leaves out of the back yard. They were everywhere and crazy thick because we have four big trees in our back yard. Lovely! However, the boys had fun playing for a little while. Loved how when Gage turned around to take the picture he had a piece of stick in his mouth.. true southern style! haha
 Love these two boys to death!
 Since Thanksgiving was a week later this year I had been in the Christmas spirit for a while now. I was super excited when I finally got to decorate. I'll admit that I started the week before Thanksgiving because that we the week my body was used to decorating but I didn't start celebrating until after Thanksgiving. What better way to get in the spirit than to take some Christmas pj pictures!!!

On another note, Hunter is doing great in school.. learning more and more every day. His favorite part still is playing on the playground (which they haven’t been able to do much with this crazy weather) and show and tell on Fridays. By Tuesday of every week he is asking me if it is Friday yet?!? J In school they are practicing daily for the annual Christmas Program which is December 10th. He has been singing all the songs and is getting excited. I’m not sure he realizes yet that it involves singing those songs in front of a bunch of camera ready parents! His teacher says he is the sweetest kid in school. He is very independent and gets along great with the other kids. During snack time he does tend to talk too much to his friends to where he doesn’t have much time to eat or has to rush to eat but I guess he gets the honestly! He is becoming more strong-willed and testing his boundaries which is fine yet very challenging as a parent. At the same time he is a loving, funny and caring child. It is amazing how he can go from a testing strong-willed child to a loving and caring one all within 5 minutes.. but hey it keeps me on my toes! Hunter is also becoming pretty competitive.. everything is a race and he must win or he melts. We don’t back off so that he can win, we are trying to teach him that you may win or lose but you always keep a good spirit. Let’s just see how long that last.. ha!

Gage is growing like a weed. He is getting around a lot more now and always into something. He went from sitting up good over the Thanksgiving holidays to crawling around everywhere after the Thanksgiving weekend. It’s insane! If we leave the room, even for a second, he is bound to be into something or even across the room dragging something out. I love it and I know he does too! However he does get tired a lot faster so when he has had enough he usually grunts or yells at me to come pick him up. He still finds it funny and laughs his precious head off if I tell him no or to stop it. Of course I am not saying it with a stern voice ;-)  He is sleeping through the night some still but that not always the case. He is still battling teething (still no teeth) and all this cold and sinus junk so all he wants to do is snuggle with me or Matt. I know that’s not the best thing but gracious they are only young once and these days will pass soon. He is getting better though and Motrin has become our friend at times of true need! All in all we are doing wonderful and staying busy. Just getting ready for Christmas time festivities!!

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