Monday, December 23, 2013


We kicked off the Christmas holiday's by having brunch with Matt's parents and that side of the family then going to his aunt and uncle's house to celebrate with their family.

This is some of the cousins. We are just missing Sara, (luke is up top) and Savannah. I am sure they were upstair getting ready ;-) 

Poor kids they were made to sit almost 5 minutes with the presents in front of them and couldn't open them. We were having to get everyone down stairs and situated and they were not happy at all. All I could do was have them sing songs and tell me what they wanted for Christmas!
Unfortunately Gage does not follow those rules yet and he was tearing open those presents as soon as he got them. He loved the paper and bows!

Then Sunday we went to my mom's parents house to celebrate with them. Hunter and Gage are the only kids that get "presents" so they had a blast!

Someone was excited....
I absolutely love watching them play together.. it makes me realize that having two kids is worth it. They truly need eachother and I hope and pray that they always keep their bond close.

Love that smile!!!

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