Monday, December 16, 2013

9 months, Christmas Program and PJ day!

I can't believe that Gage is 9 months old now. Where has the time gone! But the sad part is..he has been 9 months since the 6th of December so I am really behind :-( He is doing wonderfully. He is crawling all over the place and eating more and more solid foods. Honestly there are days that we can't get him to drink a bottle except for bed time. He has gotten his two front bottom teeth in now and boy did they bother him. He was so pitiful. He loves saying Momma all the time, uh oh some times, and bye bye. He used to always tell everyone hey or hi but now that he is learning more words he doesn't care about they hey part.. he has too much to do now!!

Gage and Hunter.. best buds!!!!

Hunter had his Christmas Program at school. He was so cute. When the curtain opened you could tell he was shy but gosh once they started to sing I promise there were times I could hear him over everyone else. He loves to sing!!

Then Hunter had a Christmas program at church. Poor guy I was scared he would get the two places confused and it be hard to remember all the different songs but he honestly did great. He has a love for music that's for sure!

Pajama day at school!!! They watched Polar Express and ate snacks all day. Must be nice huh?!
He looks so sleepy in this picture. Hard to wake up when you are wearing PJ's!!

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