Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soccer 2013

Hunter decided that he wanted to play soccer this year for the Rec Center in town. He had never played on a real team before but had played in the yard with Matt and I so I knew he would do great. His coach was Joey Fleaman. However, while dropping Hunter off for preschool, his teacher (which is Joey's wife) appointed me as assistant coach. It was a lot of fun helping coach the kids and getting to know them and their parents. He did great at practices but was a little hesitant at first during the games. It's a big difference and a new experience but after the 3rd game or so he was definitely getting the hang of it. He even scored a goal!! He did great and we are so proud of him!

He was always running after the ball. I honestly think he slept better at night after games and than he ever has before. It was wonderful!!

He even got to throw the ball in a couple of times...

Since I stood and helped the goalie a lot then Hunter decided he wanted to try that position. All though he had never practiced it before he did great and listened very well.

This little booger even came to the games and cheered on his big brother!

A few of his buddies on his team were James, Ross, Brayden and Rhett
Top from left to right: Eli, Ross, Tyler, Hunter, James and Brayden
Bottom from left to right: Emma, Bella, Carl, Rhett and Evan
Our little Soccer Family :-)

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