Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

After school Hunter and I painted pumpkins. Yes I should introduce him to carving a pumpkin but this was the easiest right now and to where he can participate. He loved it!

He decided to be a doctor for halloween. He went back and forth between a policeman, fireman and a doctor. He wanted to make sure that it came with the jacket and hat. He had "scrubs" and was able to wear the top but the pants were huge so I convinced him that real doctors where whatever pants they want. After his daddy confirmed he believed me. I honestly think he chose doctor so he can wear scrubs like his daddy does. I think it was sweet!

Little Booger was a bull just like Hunter was at this age.

They had a Halloween festival at school. They started with a parade so all the parents could see them in their finest costumes, then it was off to their classrooms for a party with cupcakes and etc. After that the kids went outside for a festival of games that the parents conducted for them and the teachers. I think he had a blast. He got to be the line leader that day so he was pretty much on cloud 9 for the beginning.

Daddy and Gage at the parade!
I promise he loves me taking pictures of him :-)  The boy sitting beside him is Tyler, that is his best friend at school.
Hunter and Kinley eating their treats...
Some of the kids in his classroom. I brought my good camera which was wrong for upclose pictures with no room to back up because I was not able to get all the kids in one picture.
Their scary face!!

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