Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fireman and a Lizard

At school Hunter and his classmates had a special surprise from a fireman. What better way to welcome the fireman than to wear a fireman shirt!?! He said the fireman talked to them about emergency stuff and that's all he will say.. ha! He does keep going around asking us what we are supposed to dial if there is an emergency. He is excited to know you are supposed to dial 911. The fact that he keeps grabbing our phones and acting like he is dialing it is concerning to us at times because soon he won't be pretending. I'm sure he won't be the first child but we are telling him that you don't really dial it unless it is a true emergency.

 He also found a new pet for a day.. a lizard. But it ended up not being just one lizard but 4!! Matt and I were proud of him because he usually won't even touch a bug or anything but he gladly grabbed these lizards and became pretty attached to them.

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