Monday, September 23, 2013


This trip was a much needed vacation for our family. Things have been non-stop and pretty stressful for me at least. Getting things ready to try to put our house on the market and things ready for the other house, dealing with 4 year old issues (enough said), infant, work, soccer, the list goes on and we really needed to get out of town very badly. We left Tuesday when I got off of work and didn’t come home until Sunday. It was nice not having to rush and get things done or crammed in just 2 days or so.

Each morning Hunter would wake up, drink his milk in his bed and then immediately want to go on the balcony until it was time to fix breakfast. This has pretty much been his routine for years. We would cook breakfast (which consisted of Matt’s homemade biscuits… those are yummy and only seem to get on special occasions now) and then head to the beach for the day. The weather was perfect but the wind picked up a lot and I heard a tropical storm was heading our way which was causing the waves to be pretty massive. It was fun jumping them but it was exhausting too! He wore his Mimi, Pops and Daddy out on the waves. I think Hunter got tired of them after a while because he kept begging to go to the pool once he realized that was an option. Ha!

Gage didn’t mind the beach but wasn’t too thrilled with it either. When we got on the beach we would walk for a few minutes. Before we turned around to walk back to our chairs Gage would be asleep in our arms. As a matter of fact, he slept a lot on the beach. When he was awake he was ok with everything but just wasn’t his normal happy self. It could have been a bunch of different factors: the wind, sand sticking to him, his gums bothering him. However he LOVED the pool as always. He enjoys his float and the steering wheel is very appealing to a teething little one ;-)

 Matt wouldn't let me allow him to wear the hat in public because yes it is girly but the wind wouldn't keep his other hat on. Oh well we made due without the "girly" hat.. ha!

 Can you tell he is teething? In his eyes nothing is off limits for him to chew on!
 No trip is complete without burying your child in the sand :-)

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