Monday, September 23, 2013

Beach Continued

Of course beach pictures had to be made.. that is a family tradition.

One of the main attractions on the list was riding go carts. We had a hard time finding some that were open and I guess that was either the time of night since it was a week night or the fact that it was about to be “off season” so things were not opening until next summer. Hunter had a blast riding with his Mimi and Gage had fun watching and chewing on his strap to his stroller. Ha!

Overall we had a blast! It was a trip of many firsts for us.. Our first vacation as a family of 4, Gage’s first trip ever and to the beach, mine and Matt’s first time eating baked oysters (we ate them one time but they weren’t cooked right so we don’t count those) and Hunter first nose bleed. He was in the store, Sikes and Kohn’s, and fell face first. Poor guy!

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