Monday, September 23, 2013

Beach Continued

Of course beach pictures had to be made.. that is a family tradition.

One of the main attractions on the list was riding go carts. We had a hard time finding some that were open and I guess that was either the time of night since it was a week night or the fact that it was about to be “off season” so things were not opening until next summer. Hunter had a blast riding with his Mimi and Gage had fun watching and chewing on his strap to his stroller. Ha!

Overall we had a blast! It was a trip of many firsts for us.. Our first vacation as a family of 4, Gage’s first trip ever and to the beach, mine and Matt’s first time eating baked oysters (we ate them one time but they weren’t cooked right so we don’t count those) and Hunter first nose bleed. He was in the store, Sikes and Kohn’s, and fell face first. Poor guy!


This trip was a much needed vacation for our family. Things have been non-stop and pretty stressful for me at least. Getting things ready to try to put our house on the market and things ready for the other house, dealing with 4 year old issues (enough said), infant, work, soccer, the list goes on and we really needed to get out of town very badly. We left Tuesday when I got off of work and didn’t come home until Sunday. It was nice not having to rush and get things done or crammed in just 2 days or so.

Each morning Hunter would wake up, drink his milk in his bed and then immediately want to go on the balcony until it was time to fix breakfast. This has pretty much been his routine for years. We would cook breakfast (which consisted of Matt’s homemade biscuits… those are yummy and only seem to get on special occasions now) and then head to the beach for the day. The weather was perfect but the wind picked up a lot and I heard a tropical storm was heading our way which was causing the waves to be pretty massive. It was fun jumping them but it was exhausting too! He wore his Mimi, Pops and Daddy out on the waves. I think Hunter got tired of them after a while because he kept begging to go to the pool once he realized that was an option. Ha!

Gage didn’t mind the beach but wasn’t too thrilled with it either. When we got on the beach we would walk for a few minutes. Before we turned around to walk back to our chairs Gage would be asleep in our arms. As a matter of fact, he slept a lot on the beach. When he was awake he was ok with everything but just wasn’t his normal happy self. It could have been a bunch of different factors: the wind, sand sticking to him, his gums bothering him. However he LOVED the pool as always. He enjoys his float and the steering wheel is very appealing to a teething little one ;-)

 Matt wouldn't let me allow him to wear the hat in public because yes it is girly but the wind wouldn't keep his other hat on. Oh well we made due without the "girly" hat.. ha!

 Can you tell he is teething? In his eyes nothing is off limits for him to chew on!
 No trip is complete without burying your child in the sand :-)

Monday, September 9, 2013

6 months old, washing cars and policeman

Can’t believe Gage turned 6 months old on the 6th. Time is definitely flying by faster this time around than it did with Hunter in my opinion. It may be because we are a lot busier but still makes it hard to realize it’s flying by. Gage still loves his homemade baby foods.. favorite right now is the apples because I can add cinnamon to them now! He is now sleeping through the night (knock on wood) because we finally gave in and started putting cereal in his bottle at night. We didn’t for a while because his formula already has some cereal in it so we didn’t want to do too much. But sleepless nights were really getting to us so we had to do it. Worked like a charm so far. Now he will get up at times to eat may be one or two times a month but we think those are the times he is really hitting a growth spurt. He went to the doctor for his six month shots on the 7th and weighs 15.8 pounds now. My growing boy! His height is 27 inches which puts him in the 10th percentile for weight and 75th for height. The doctors aren’t too considered with his weight because his height is just making him skinny. He is still the happiest most laid back little boy. He has moments where he wants our undivided attention (but who doesn’t at times) but for the most part he couldn’t care less where you put him or what you do to him. This month he is truly starting to laugh more often but still laughs the most at Hunter. Anything Hunter does he is amazed by and thinks is the greatest thing in the world. I hope that last! We have enjoyed the past six months with this little fella and can’t wait for many more. He has brought so much joy and laughter to our family. 

Hunter has a thing, maybe an obsession, with squirt bottles. He loves them! Now every time we wash the car he has to get his squirt bottle out. At first he will squirt the car and try to get the soap off for us or pre-wet it so we can wash it, then it leads to him just plain out squirting us!! He has a blast and that’s all that matters. Gage finds him pretty funny too :-)

Also at school he had a policeman come to visit him and the rest of the kids. He learned to look both ways before crossing the street, don’t talk to strangers, and never take candy from them!

 Hunter being silly in the bath tub.....