Sunday, August 4, 2013

Thomas' Bday Party

Hunter's friend, Thomas, had his birthday party this year at Tree Top Adventure. We were so excited to go and see everyone because with kids and everyone's schedule it's hard to get around to visit and hang out with friends. We all had a blast. Last year I had the honor of taking Hunter on his first go cart ride.. he always had this look of fear on his face and I was certain that it was his momma's driving. It looks like I was right! He had a blast with his Daddy and I am sure will be wanting to go back very soon!

Gage even had fun "Watching" everyone play and getting a lot of attention from the other Mommies. He won everyone over with his contagious smile and continuous charm.
(He truly loves his hands)

He stayed on the "motorcycle" the rest of the party. I love the look of concentration on his face!
Of course Matt had to join in on the fun. I think it's a guy thing!
Thomas and Hunter playing now and having a good time. I think they both ended up ranking top 5 each round. That makes me scared for the future but I guess I can rest at ease some knowing they can drive pretty good :-) Thank you Thomas for letting us celebrate your birthday with you!

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