Monday, August 12, 2013

Sunshine and 5 months old

For my birthday I was graciously given a big girl camera :-) My family knew I have wanted one for a long time but that I wouldn't spend the money on myself. I was so happy to have been given one especially because soccer season for Hunter is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to take pictures of him. However, this camera is a little more high tech for my comfort zone at times so I decided to just practice.. only way I will figure out how it works. I love how this new camera works.. my boys have the most beautiful blue eyes to me but this camera makes them pop a lot more. Love it!!

Kisses anyone?!
I am glad I got a final picture of my old car because we sold it. I have had that car for more than 7 years and it has been wonderful. Left my wedding in that car, brought both sons home in it, a  lot of memories...

But can't wait for the many more memories in my new car that is in this picture :-)

I don't know what Pops would do or if he could even cut grass without the help of Hunter!
Gage is loving solid food now. He is ok with store bought food but loves homemade. His favorite right now is pears and butternut squash. But no food is complete without it being all over your face.. ha!

My little stinker!

I can't believe this one is 5 months old now. He still does not sleep through the night but I think a lot of it is because he is having to grow so fast to keep up with his Daddy that he has to eat often. He laughs a lot and is pretty much a very content baby. He just started rolling over some but is not fond of it very much. He nor Hunter were/are tummy babies. He eats 6 ounces at each feeding during the day and 7 ounces at each feeding at night. He is teething like crazy still hence the fingers in his mouth.. poor guy I can't wait for him to get some relief. Happy 5 months old little one!

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