Sunday, August 11, 2013

Booster seat, new members and a new car!

Hunter is officially 40 pounds and staying 40 pounds for a while. He would reach the 40 pound limit but then would soon go back down to 38. He is not a big eater but we would encourage him to eat saying he could finally get in his booster seat if he would stay above 40 pounds. He happily agreed to that because it was something he was looking forward too. It has been beyond happy to be in the seat with more freedom. We are having to constantly watch him and guide him that you keep the strap on your shoulder and etc. He listens sometimes but now we have moved Gage to the middle right beside Hunter. It is nice because someone can sit in the back now but uhmm.. not so nice because Hunter picks on Gage the whole time. They do laugh with each other at times but then others Gage will be tired and want to go to sleep.. but does Hunter allow that? NO!! He will pick on him and thinks it is so funny. I knew I would have to "separate" them at one point but I didn't think it would be this soon. They are true brothers!

We have been visiting Grace Baptist for over a year now and have been slowly getting involved with certain things.. just getting a feel of different areas in the church that are important to us. We have been talking and praying a lot about a new church to call home. We finally got peace with Grace being our home church. So we moved our letter from First Baptist to Grace Baptist last Sunday. We are happy to call this church our new home and can't wait to get more involved!
We finally got another family vehicle. My older pathfinder just wasn't working for us anymore so we got a newer one. Hunter loves the fact that it has the 3rd row because "that is just the coolest" (his words not mine!) We got out late the night we signed the papers and decided to go to chick-fil-a and Krispy Kreme to celebrate. Sweets don't usually do anything to Hunter but boy do they now. He asked for a chocolate sprinkle donut and ended up eating two, plus chocolate milk. I didn't argue because it doesn't usually make him hyper. Boy did he talk my ears off the whole way home from Birmingham. At times he would be talking to me...other times he was just talking. And don't forget he is sitting right by Gage so he would be crying and Hunter would be talking. It was an AMAZING ride home but I wouldn't trade it for the world :-)

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