Friday, July 19, 2013

Sick, Yard Sale and Baby Food

Last Wednesday Hunter woke up not feeling too great. He said his his belly hurt and so we just told him to go lay down. Then all of a sudden he gets really sick.. couldn't keep anything down, fever of a 102.6, just plain out pitiful. I know my little one is sick when all he wanted to do was lay in our bed and watch a movie or go to sleep. The doctor said to not bring him in right then, to just wait it out for a little bit. Well once he started crying because his stomach hurt so bad I HAD to take him in. We worry about his stomach because he has issues before which caused him to be in the hospital when he was younger so his stomach is not a "light" issue for us. It turns out that he had the beginning stages of strep. So he got a shot of antibiotics (and boy does that shot hurt) and sent us home with some medicine.

Gage gladly supported his big brother's sleeping desires :-)

Thankfully Hunter wasn't running a fever anymore and  felt ok enough to go to the yard sale that Saturday. You could tell he didn't feel the best because he just played with his matchbox cars inside the office of where I work pretty much the whole morning. Gage just sat outside and "talked" to everyone that came by. He loves watching himself in his daddy's sunglasses and making faces at him.
We decided to try Gage on baby food the other day because he always seems so interested in us when we are eating. With Hunter I made sure we went by the book and he did not have baby food until he was 6 months old. Well, with the second child you don't mind breaking the rules some. I thought it would be best to start him with a basic like apples. His facial expressions were the best..
 He would take one bite and make a silly face then start smiling at me and act like he wanted more. Of course I kept feeding him more just to be able to see that silly face!


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