Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am having a yard sale this weekend and for the past couple of weeks I have slowly been going through all of my things getting them priced and ready to sell. I went to my mom's house and got some of my old toys that I had when I was younger.. some I am keeping and some I am selling. Hunter didn't have a problem showing me the ones he wanted me to keep. His favorite so far is the Lite Brite. It is truly the classic toys that are the best. I am terrified of clowns and found it ironic that he chose to do a clown. He has definitely enjoyed helping me go through my old things as much as I have but I am so ready to get rid of some of these things so that when we do get to move we won't have as much to take. I know I am hardly making a dent in our stuff but any little bit helps!

Hunter playing the Lite Brite.. and yes he is in a Buzz Lightyear costume :-)

 Having fun playing dress up in my old costumes.. CLOWNS everywhere!! I do have to say that is the most adorable clown in the ever.

 Gage is now getting to the age where he loves to play with a few things. Three of his favorite things are his activity matt/center, the little green ball and his Tigger. These three toys can keep him entertained for a while. He can lay there and play and talk to them all the time. Although I think his all time favorite thing for him to do is watch his big brother. He watches him in true amazement and will laugh at him over the littlest thing Hunter does. It is precious! I can be in the other room and hear them laughing at each other. I am soaking it up now before the arguing between the two of them starts up in the next few years ;-)

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