Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bath time

Gage loves bath time a lot more now. When he was first born he wasn't too thrilled with it but now he loves it. Last night Hunter got crazy in our bathroom.. as you can see in the background of the picture. I have never had my bathroom such a mess but it sure does look like he had fun. Hunter wanted a bath and Gage needed one too so Matt just bathed him on top of the counter. Boy was that a mess.. the boy likes to kick and Matt filled the his "tub" up way too much (can you tell I am the one who mainly bathes him. ha!) and Gage thought it was the best thing ever! The floor of the bathroom and the counter was soaked. He doesn't like his feet in the water too long though. He will splash and then immediately lift them up. The boy is going to have great abs if he keeps this up!

Poor Hunter just didn't understand why I was so into Gage splashing around.. so I had to get a picture of his "thrilled" expression. Love him! :-)

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