Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bath time

Gage loves bath time a lot more now. When he was first born he wasn't too thrilled with it but now he loves it. Last night Hunter got crazy in our bathroom.. as you can see in the background of the picture. I have never had my bathroom such a mess but it sure does look like he had fun. Hunter wanted a bath and Gage needed one too so Matt just bathed him on top of the counter. Boy was that a mess.. the boy likes to kick and Matt filled the his "tub" up way too much (can you tell I am the one who mainly bathes him. ha!) and Gage thought it was the best thing ever! The floor of the bathroom and the counter was soaked. He doesn't like his feet in the water too long though. He will splash and then immediately lift them up. The boy is going to have great abs if he keeps this up!

Poor Hunter just didn't understand why I was so into Gage splashing around.. so I had to get a picture of his "thrilled" expression. Love him! :-)


VBS was this past week at our church and it is honestly an exhausting blast! The kids have such a wonderful time and my mom and I work the kitchen helping my grandmother prepare food for the kids. I have never been to a VBS where you eat such good food as you do at our church. I remember when we got the vanilla cookies and kool-aid. Now they get pizza, sandwiches, breakfast food, hot dogs, and chicken fingers. And most of it is homemade... spoiled rotten kids :-) I honestly think I gained 10 pounds just from being there. ha! Hunter was looking forward to it and I couldn't wait to take him.
Gage was even excited too. He loved watching all the kids but wasn't too thrilled when they all started singing. He is used to loud noises but I guess that was beyond too loud!

The "show" was as wonderful as always and Hunter enjoyed watching, singing and dancing along with them.

Since I had to be there early each night all the workers kids came inside and colored before VBS actually started. I don't think Hunter had any objections!
Each night the boys and girls brought money that will go to the youth for their mission trip to Brazil. This is Hunter, Brooks and Micah contributing to the boys bucket. I think overall the boys and girls raised over 1,000 to go to the youth. That is wonderful!
Love my little boys to pieces!

Aunt Karen and Hunter coloring before everything started.
Friday night the parents were invited to watch the kids perform their "songs". Hunter jumped right up front and in the middle and boy did he perform. He can be such a shy boy put can easily get up in front of a crowd to sing and dance. I was beyond proud of him!

Gage thought his big brother did a wonderful job!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

4 months and 4 years

For over a month now Gage has shown a huge interest in wanting to sit up.. he will be reclined on the bed or couch and you can see him trying to lean up to sit up. So I decided to put him in his "Bumbo" seat to give that a try. He thought it was neat to be able to sit up like everyone else and see the world in a different view point.

However, that thought soon went away when he realized that sitting up and holding that precious head up is a lot of work. He gave up and wanted out immediately. Since then he is pretty content with everyone else holding him or just reclining back and playing.
Hunter has this thing where he likes to lock people out of the house. He is just playing but I try to explain to him that we don't do it because one day he is going to walk off and the person outside is going to be stuck or he will get hurt inside and we can't get to him. Explaining this to him seems to go in one ear and out the other. It was about time for a dose of his own medicine. He tried to come in the other day from being with Matt and he wanted me to unlock the door. He thought it was funny to take a picture through the window but..
slowly realized I wasn't opening the door right then. This is what that happy face turned to ;-)
Little man is 4 months old now. We took him and Hunter to get his 4 month shots and Hunter's 4-5 year old shots. I know it seems crazy to do it all at once but I would rather get it over with and have to suffer with crying kids for just a few seconds then go to the doctor multiple times. Hunter is now 44 inches tall and 41.9 pounds. Crazy to think that I am only 61 inches tall.. he is catching up way too quickly. He wears 5T shirts and 4T shorts right now. Gage is 25.5 inches tall and 13.12 pounds (pretty much 14 I would say). He is wearing 3-6 month clothes and size 2 diapers. He still love his Tigger!

Friday, July 19, 2013

Sick, Yard Sale and Baby Food

Last Wednesday Hunter woke up not feeling too great. He said his his belly hurt and so we just told him to go lay down. Then all of a sudden he gets really sick.. couldn't keep anything down, fever of a 102.6, just plain out pitiful. I know my little one is sick when all he wanted to do was lay in our bed and watch a movie or go to sleep. The doctor said to not bring him in right then, to just wait it out for a little bit. Well once he started crying because his stomach hurt so bad I HAD to take him in. We worry about his stomach because he has issues before which caused him to be in the hospital when he was younger so his stomach is not a "light" issue for us. It turns out that he had the beginning stages of strep. So he got a shot of antibiotics (and boy does that shot hurt) and sent us home with some medicine.

Gage gladly supported his big brother's sleeping desires :-)

Thankfully Hunter wasn't running a fever anymore and  felt ok enough to go to the yard sale that Saturday. You could tell he didn't feel the best because he just played with his matchbox cars inside the office of where I work pretty much the whole morning. Gage just sat outside and "talked" to everyone that came by. He loves watching himself in his daddy's sunglasses and making faces at him.
We decided to try Gage on baby food the other day because he always seems so interested in us when we are eating. With Hunter I made sure we went by the book and he did not have baby food until he was 6 months old. Well, with the second child you don't mind breaking the rules some. I thought it would be best to start him with a basic like apples. His facial expressions were the best..
 He would take one bite and make a silly face then start smiling at me and act like he wanted more. Of course I kept feeding him more just to be able to see that silly face!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I am having a yard sale this weekend and for the past couple of weeks I have slowly been going through all of my things getting them priced and ready to sell. I went to my mom's house and got some of my old toys that I had when I was younger.. some I am keeping and some I am selling. Hunter didn't have a problem showing me the ones he wanted me to keep. His favorite so far is the Lite Brite. It is truly the classic toys that are the best. I am terrified of clowns and found it ironic that he chose to do a clown. He has definitely enjoyed helping me go through my old things as much as I have but I am so ready to get rid of some of these things so that when we do get to move we won't have as much to take. I know I am hardly making a dent in our stuff but any little bit helps!

Hunter playing the Lite Brite.. and yes he is in a Buzz Lightyear costume :-)

 Having fun playing dress up in my old costumes.. CLOWNS everywhere!! I do have to say that is the most adorable clown in the ever.

 Gage is now getting to the age where he loves to play with a few things. Three of his favorite things are his activity matt/center, the little green ball and his Tigger. These three toys can keep him entertained for a while. He can lay there and play and talk to them all the time. Although I think his all time favorite thing for him to do is watch his big brother. He watches him in true amazement and will laugh at him over the littlest thing Hunter does. It is precious! I can be in the other room and hear them laughing at each other. I am soaking it up now before the arguing between the two of them starts up in the next few years ;-)