Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fun in the Sun!

We have had some very hot days lately which have caused Hunter to have to stay inside some since Grammy didn't really need to get Gage out that much. So I decided that we would have a water day. My poor child is deprived of a sprinkler. I told him we were going to get that out and he seriously asked me what a sprinkler was. I officially have failed as a parent. We do big things with him and forget about the "little" things that every child needs to experience and remember. He has played in one before but I'm sure he was too young to remember. He had a blast in it and we even put it under the trampoline for him to jump around and play. He had a blast!

As you can see he was tired of having his wet swimsuit on and decided that underwear, sunglasses, mix matching crocs, and his dinosaur bubble machine was the proper attire... ha!

This little man enjoyed the sun too. You can put him outside and he is just content as ever. I am so glad I have outdoor boys.
Hunter taking a picture of us while we were resting before bed...

Mom was going through some of my old stuff and found one of my old pajamas and I had to try it on Gage. I was probably his age when I wore it but we were definitely built different.  He looks confused and happy about it all at the same time!

My big boy said it was time to bring the tent out again for him to sleep in...Love those sparkly eyes!

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