Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Today was the Hunter's first time as a patient at the dentist. He has gone before to watch Matt get things done but never had to get his teeth cleaned or anything like that. He wasn't too excited at first but knowing I was getting mine done, he slowly became ok with the idea.

He insisted that I get my teeth cleaned first. So he got to watch a movie in my lap and play in the floor with his toys while he patiently waited for me to get through. The whole time he was asking questions about what certain things were and how they worked. He is really a curious little boy. He became eager to have his cleaned.. and kept telling me to hurry up! I sure hope that he is always like this when he goes to the dentist. They gave him "Mr. Slurpie" and he had fun playing with it and sucking up all the spit and water :-)
In the end he got a good report and was encouraged to keep up the good work!

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