Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day

On Memorial Day we went to our friends Paige and Daniel’s house to cook out and they had an inflatable water slide as well. Hunter was not to thrilled about the slide so we brought his water guns and thankfully we did because the kids loved them too. Paige, Matt and I had a blast on the slides… love being a kid for the afternoon J
His cupcake (or really just the icing) was soo good!
Hunter finally warmed up the slide but only to climb up half way and slide back down into the water that was forming and making a little pool. Heck as long as they were happy I didn’t care.

This little guy just sat in his swing pretty much the whole afternoon and slept. The life of  a baby is so nice!
 Good food, great friends, and wonderful memories. It was overall a wonderful Memorial Day!

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