Sunday, May 26, 2013

Dino birthday party

Hunter decided to have a dinosaur party this year. We had it at my dad’s again because his yard seems to be the best fit for our family and friends. As a surprise to Hunter, we decided to order an inflatable water slide for him. When he got to the party it was already set up… he got to go down it one time with me (he wasn’t to thrilled about it but was warming up to the slide) then we noticed a big hole in it at the top where you would walk to get to the slide. The hole was big enough for one of the kids to honestly fall in.. not good at all! Matt went down it one time with Hunter and they actually tumbled down the slide because the hole was letting all the air out and wasn’t hold them up there. That was when Hunter began to not be a fan of the slide. I guess that’s a good thing because the owners of the company we rented from had to come get the slide because of the hole and of course since it was a Saturday they didn’t have a back up. So we went to plan B.. I am glad he was given a lot of water toys as presents because we just opened them up and made our own “redneck” slide and honestly the kids had a blast. It goes to show that it’s the little things that kids love.. not the big things! (or it’s that way with the kids we have around us) I am so thankful that everything worked out.. it was a warm day and the water toys felt nice!

Or annual family picture at his party has grown ;-)

he loved his cake this year.. he chose to eat only the volcano!

My brother, Collin, giving the slide a try

The glorious fall that ended it all.. ha!

Hunter's second favorite person in the world, Sara, besides his Mimi

This water gun was the best.. well the best if you were in control of the gun. It would hold so much water in it which was wonderful for Hunter but the person on the other side of the gun!

Gage was getting some loving by Mrs. Amy

I have a love hate relationship with water balloons. They take forever to fill and tie, they are a lot of fun but never last long enough

Thomas sporting his "moves" on the redneck slide

Christian having a blast and making his mommy nervous that he was going to get hurt before his All-star games that were coming up
Sweet and michevious Mattie

See I was there at the party ;-)

Hunter wanted sprinkles on his ice cream and by golly he got them. He dumped the entire bottle on his ice cream. I was trying to salvage some for him later

Look at those dinosaur tatoos.. makes him look so tough :-)

Of course we had to have a pinata.. requested by Hunter each year.



Sweet Gage having fun puting his feet in the grass...

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