Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bubbles and 2 month shots

Poor Gage had his two month shots on the 8th of May.  He is now 10 pounds even and is 23 inches long. This is 3 pounds and 3 inches bigger than he was on 04/08/13 when we took him for a general check up. The boy is definitely growing!! He did wonderful with the first shot.. hardly even made a sound but that second and third shot he was very mad. His wonderful brother did such a great job comforting him. He sat right beside him and held his hand saying "it's ok Gage, it will be over soon". Made this momma very proud to have such a wonderful and sweet son. He may be a nurse one day like his Daddy because he loves taking care of people.
Poor guy just didn't feel the best the rest of the day :-(

But still a happy camper in the middle of the night!

My mom and Mike had the wonderful pleasure of keeping the kids for us one day because Anita had a doctor’s appointment and we couldn’t get off work. They played all morning and then went to the park where they met Mike’s sister and her boyfriend. He is now the “Bubble Man” in Georgia and brought along his bubbles for Hunter to play. I wasn’t there but I know Hunter was on top of the world because he absolutely loves bubbles. The looks on his face confirms that he had a blast. When I got off work they hadn’t been home long so he was definitely playing hard…

Even Pops got to help out a little bit...

Look at those bubbles!!

But honestly what is up with kids and boxes.. he had a blast putting this box on top of him and running into walls.. seriously?!!? J

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