Monday, May 6, 2013

2 months old and family pictures

Happy two months old to one of the sweetest and most handsome boys I know! Gage you have brought so much joy to our lives in the short amount of time you have been here. We have been able to watch Hunter grow into a big boy (yes he still has his little boy moments but hey don't we all at times) because he has a little brother to watch over. I still love walking out of the room only to here them two laughing at each other.. I can't wait to here the conversations that they will have and the imagination that they will share. Life with two boys is never dull but it is totally worth it. I have three (4 if you count the dog) body guards and I love them with all of my heart.

This little boy also loves bath time now...

My sweet mom took some family pictures of us the other day. Some of these pictures explains our family completely.. ha!

 Love Hunter behind us.. never a dull moment with that boy!

 Not sure why this uploaded sideways but he loves climbing trees...
 He had enough of taking pictures :-)

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