Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Water balloons

Every time we go to the grocery store, Hunter thinks he has to get a cookie. The ladies at the counter are usually very nice. This day was not a good day for them.. they just stared at us from way behind the counter and never offer to help us. You know I had to make a few comments about how rude that was..but their rudeness turned out to work in our benefit. We went to the dollar toys they have by the poptarts and got water balloons. They were a huge hit! So thank you ladies for being rude because it made our day that much better :-)

 There was a special delivery for a special little boy that was just born. Big Brother wanted to show off the gift though....
 And here is the little bundle of joy himself :-)
I am not sure if you can tell on Gage but they are both wearing camo shorts so of course I had to get a picture!

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