Friday, April 5, 2013

Staying busy and first trip to church

Life with a 3 year old and an infant is pretty busy yet wonderful. I have been so incredibly tired that going through pictures and etc seems like a thing of the past :-) However, Hunter is becoming such a big helper that taking care of Gage is getting better and better. He will honestly bring me anything I need, take dirty diapers to the diaper gene, put his paci in his mouth, cover him up.. at the right time those little things are such a big help. He is a wonderful boy! He even asked to help feed him the other night...

 He truly is the best big bro!
We finally made it outside one day to where I could take Gage and it wouldn't be too cool to let him enjoy the outdoors. Gotta love Hunter though.. he got on his little motorcycle goofing around. That boy definitely keeps me laughing!

When I was pregnant I didn't get to make it to church alot during the last trimester do to pains and etc. Therefore, I was truly missing going and hearing the sermons. Two weeks ago we decided to make an appearance at church. We had a potluck lunch after the service and were supposed to have an egg hunt for the kids but it was rescheduled due to some storms coming in.

At Gage's last weight check up he was 3 weeks old.  At the time he weighed 6lbs 6oz and now is 20 inches long. He was perfectly fine and the doctor said we could skip a week and come back this next Wednesday for his second newborn check up. I am so glad he is gaining weight and maybe he is now up to his birth weight because this little man can eat. During the day he eats every 2 hours or so and at night it's different night to night. One night he will eat almost every hour and the next it's every 4 hours. Needless to say this boy can eat!

Here are some more pictures:

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