Friday, April 5, 2013


Since I have been at home on maternity leave I have been going stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house. We gave Hunter a couple of options of things we could do the other day.. one was baseball game, go to the zoo or the movies. He excitedly said the movies! He has never been before so I think we were all excited to take him. We went to see The Croods. It was a wonderful and funny movie. We did take Gage.. we just made sure that we fed him right before the movies and I had him in a sling type thing and he slept the whole time. Everyone once in a while we would here a grunt here and there but that was it. We went on a Wednesday at lunch so there was probably only 4 other families in the theatre with us so it was perfect. Hunter did great.. yes there were times he spoke loudly and we sat in a spot where he could stand up and move a little if needed. He is learning and I honestly think he did great. There were times that Matt and I just sat there watching him and smiling at eachother because of the excitement and joy on his face. I love seeing him happy! He enjoyed the movie, eating popcorn and drinking his frozen coke (which he never gets coke so that was a treat within itself). We then had a wonderful late lunch at Wing's across the parking lot. Overall it was a fantastic day that I know we will never forget.

Oh yes and he picked out his clothes. He insisted on dressing up.. guess this was a special time for him too ;-)

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