Friday, April 5, 2013

Easter egg hunt

This year we went to an egg hunt the Wednesday night before Easter. Hunter had a blast and I am sure Gage enjoyed all the loving attention. Last year Hunter was more interested in the eggs that had treats in them. This year was completely different at the church hunt. He would walk past a bunch of eggs and wouldn't pick them up. I told him that he just passed a blue egg.. his response was "I know but I already have a blue one in my basket" .. ha! I told him that was sweet to leave for others but the point of the hunt is to get all the ones he can. We just never know with him! He also saw the Easter Bunny. He is like his me and wasn't going to take a picture with him but didn't mind talking to him from a distance.

Matt had to work on Easter the bunny came to our house Friday night.

The boys and I went to my mother's parent's house to eat and let Hunter hunt eggs. Of course with one child there is no competition and he gets a lot of money in the eggs but he had fun! I love the expressions on his face and the excitement that he has. We had fun spending time with family.. hate that Matt missed it this year but fingers crossed we will spend next Easter with him.

Reading his Mickey Valentine's book he got from Mimi and Pops...

 Putting his money in his pocket :-)

Gage getting some loving from Grandmama!

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