Friday, April 5, 2013

Camping Out

Last Thursday we went to work on our land in Hollins trying to clear off some of the property. That night the boys (Matt, Hunter, and Luke) were going to camp out in a tent under the stars. As the sun set we had the fire built and cooked hotdogs and made smores. I didn't get to take any pictures because taking care of a little one plus Hunter not feeling the best (Matt ended up having to leave early Friday morning and taking him to the doctor for a stomach bug) there wasn't much time to take pictures around the fire but we had fun. Matt's uncle and aunt ate with us along with his mom and dad. Matt said it was fun that night but he will wait a little into April or May to do it again because it was COLD!! Better him than me.. Gage and I were nice and warm in our bed at home.

Hunter had fun riding on the tractor and raking some of the land where the tent was going to be.
 Hunter and Grandad (Matt's dad) putting up the tent

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