Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baseball Game

On Facebook I am friends with the Crimson Tide Marketing people. They were giving away tickets to the Alabama vs. UAB Baseball game last night. I didn't expect to win because let's face it, I never win anything.. but I did!! So yesterday we headed to Tuscaloosa early and went to a park and played soccer for a while (thinking it would wear Hunter out a little to where he would sit somewhat still during the game.. haha yeah that didn't happen). After a fun time playing soccer we went to eat at Iguana Grill. It was a delicious mexican restaurant. When we looked at the menu we thought the prices were a tad high but gosh you get soo much food that it was completely worth the money. We will definitely be eating there again one day.

We finally arrived at the game! Hunter was excited but mainly wanting to just dance around and yell and cheer for "Helen" (Helen is his imaginary friend that sometimes is a boy and sometimes is a girl. Any game we go to now he loudly cheers "Go Helen!". It is funny but I am sure someone is looking around for a Helen) We only made it three innings before he was ready to go because he was very tired. We thought for sure that he would be sound asleep coming home and Matt and I were looking forward to being able to actually talk to each other. Hunter had other plans... he talked the entire time. It was very funny to listen to his creative stories that he comes up with. And yes Gage was with us.. he slept the whole time except maybe 3 times to eat. Everyone oooed and ahh'd over him and couldn't believe that we brought him out so young. Little do they know he has been out a lot and we don't leave him around anyone. Also with the second child you don't shelter them inside all the time. He is perfectly fine and healthy. People are just so opinionated. Doesn't bother us one bit because we are confident in our parenting skills (well most of the time. ha!).

Overall I am very thankful for the day we were blessed with. Memories that will last forever!

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