Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baseball Game

On Facebook I am friends with the Crimson Tide Marketing people. They were giving away tickets to the Alabama vs. UAB Baseball game last night. I didn't expect to win because let's face it, I never win anything.. but I did!! So yesterday we headed to Tuscaloosa early and went to a park and played soccer for a while (thinking it would wear Hunter out a little to where he would sit somewhat still during the game.. haha yeah that didn't happen). After a fun time playing soccer we went to eat at Iguana Grill. It was a delicious mexican restaurant. When we looked at the menu we thought the prices were a tad high but gosh you get soo much food that it was completely worth the money. We will definitely be eating there again one day.

We finally arrived at the game! Hunter was excited but mainly wanting to just dance around and yell and cheer for "Helen" (Helen is his imaginary friend that sometimes is a boy and sometimes is a girl. Any game we go to now he loudly cheers "Go Helen!". It is funny but I am sure someone is looking around for a Helen) We only made it three innings before he was ready to go because he was very tired. We thought for sure that he would be sound asleep coming home and Matt and I were looking forward to being able to actually talk to each other. Hunter had other plans... he talked the entire time. It was very funny to listen to his creative stories that he comes up with. And yes Gage was with us.. he slept the whole time except maybe 3 times to eat. Everyone oooed and ahh'd over him and couldn't believe that we brought him out so young. Little do they know he has been out a lot and we don't leave him around anyone. Also with the second child you don't shelter them inside all the time. He is perfectly fine and healthy. People are just so opinionated. Doesn't bother us one bit because we are confident in our parenting skills (well most of the time. ha!).

Overall I am very thankful for the day we were blessed with. Memories that will last forever!

Water balloons

Every time we go to the grocery store, Hunter thinks he has to get a cookie. The ladies at the counter are usually very nice. This day was not a good day for them.. they just stared at us from way behind the counter and never offer to help us. You know I had to make a few comments about how rude that was..but their rudeness turned out to work in our benefit. We went to the dollar toys they have by the poptarts and got water balloons. They were a huge hit! So thank you ladies for being rude because it made our day that much better :-)

 There was a special delivery for a special little boy that was just born. Big Brother wanted to show off the gift though....
 And here is the little bundle of joy himself :-)
I am not sure if you can tell on Gage but they are both wearing camo shorts so of course I had to get a picture!


A few Sunday's ago, my brother Collin gave Hunter a kite at church. So of course, we had to go test it out that afternoon. After grocery shopping and nap time we went to the park in Hollins and tested out the kite. However, the wind was not consistent enough or either we just didn't have the kite flying skills because it just didn't work out. Thankfully there were other things to play on. I think Hunter would have taken the slide home if we would have let him!

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Matt slide down the slide.. he is such a kid at heart!

After playing for a while we went and had dinner at the picnic tables. Our dinner consisted of peanut butter or ham sandwiches, apples and chips. It was a wonderful day that I am so thankful to be apart of.

Friday, April 5, 2013


Since I have been at home on maternity leave I have been going stir crazy and wanted to get out of the house. We gave Hunter a couple of options of things we could do the other day.. one was baseball game, go to the zoo or the movies. He excitedly said the movies! He has never been before so I think we were all excited to take him. We went to see The Croods. It was a wonderful and funny movie. We did take Gage.. we just made sure that we fed him right before the movies and I had him in a sling type thing and he slept the whole time. Everyone once in a while we would here a grunt here and there but that was it. We went on a Wednesday at lunch so there was probably only 4 other families in the theatre with us so it was perfect. Hunter did great.. yes there were times he spoke loudly and we sat in a spot where he could stand up and move a little if needed. He is learning and I honestly think he did great. There were times that Matt and I just sat there watching him and smiling at eachother because of the excitement and joy on his face. I love seeing him happy! He enjoyed the movie, eating popcorn and drinking his frozen coke (which he never gets coke so that was a treat within itself). We then had a wonderful late lunch at Wing's across the parking lot. Overall it was a fantastic day that I know we will never forget.

Oh yes and he picked out his clothes. He insisted on dressing up.. guess this was a special time for him too ;-)

Easter egg hunt

This year we went to an egg hunt the Wednesday night before Easter. Hunter had a blast and I am sure Gage enjoyed all the loving attention. Last year Hunter was more interested in the eggs that had treats in them. This year was completely different at the church hunt. He would walk past a bunch of eggs and wouldn't pick them up. I told him that he just passed a blue egg.. his response was "I know but I already have a blue one in my basket" .. ha! I told him that was sweet to leave for others but the point of the hunt is to get all the ones he can. We just never know with him! He also saw the Easter Bunny. He is like his me and wasn't going to take a picture with him but didn't mind talking to him from a distance.

Matt had to work on Easter the bunny came to our house Friday night.

The boys and I went to my mother's parent's house to eat and let Hunter hunt eggs. Of course with one child there is no competition and he gets a lot of money in the eggs but he had fun! I love the expressions on his face and the excitement that he has. We had fun spending time with family.. hate that Matt missed it this year but fingers crossed we will spend next Easter with him.

Reading his Mickey Valentine's book he got from Mimi and Pops...

 Putting his money in his pocket :-)

Gage getting some loving from Grandmama!

Camping Out

Last Thursday we went to work on our land in Hollins trying to clear off some of the property. That night the boys (Matt, Hunter, and Luke) were going to camp out in a tent under the stars. As the sun set we had the fire built and cooked hotdogs and made smores. I didn't get to take any pictures because taking care of a little one plus Hunter not feeling the best (Matt ended up having to leave early Friday morning and taking him to the doctor for a stomach bug) there wasn't much time to take pictures around the fire but we had fun. Matt's uncle and aunt ate with us along with his mom and dad. Matt said it was fun that night but he will wait a little into April or May to do it again because it was COLD!! Better him than me.. Gage and I were nice and warm in our bed at home.

Hunter had fun riding on the tractor and raking some of the land where the tent was going to be.
 Hunter and Grandad (Matt's dad) putting up the tent

Staying busy and first trip to church

Life with a 3 year old and an infant is pretty busy yet wonderful. I have been so incredibly tired that going through pictures and etc seems like a thing of the past :-) However, Hunter is becoming such a big helper that taking care of Gage is getting better and better. He will honestly bring me anything I need, take dirty diapers to the diaper gene, put his paci in his mouth, cover him up.. at the right time those little things are such a big help. He is a wonderful boy! He even asked to help feed him the other night...

 He truly is the best big bro!
We finally made it outside one day to where I could take Gage and it wouldn't be too cool to let him enjoy the outdoors. Gotta love Hunter though.. he got on his little motorcycle goofing around. That boy definitely keeps me laughing!

When I was pregnant I didn't get to make it to church alot during the last trimester do to pains and etc. Therefore, I was truly missing going and hearing the sermons. Two weeks ago we decided to make an appearance at church. We had a potluck lunch after the service and were supposed to have an egg hunt for the kids but it was rescheduled due to some storms coming in.

At Gage's last weight check up he was 3 weeks old.  At the time he weighed 6lbs 6oz and now is 20 inches long. He was perfectly fine and the doctor said we could skip a week and come back this next Wednesday for his second newborn check up. I am so glad he is gaining weight and maybe he is now up to his birth weight because this little man can eat. During the day he eats every 2 hours or so and at night it's different night to night. One night he will eat almost every hour and the next it's every 4 hours. Needless to say this boy can eat!

Here are some more pictures: