Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Baby Shower

To say that Matt and I are thankful for the lovely baby shower that some wonderful ladies threw for us is definitely an understatement. We couldn't be more grateful! It was held this past Sunday at the church we have been attending for the past year, Grace Baptist. This delicious cake was made by my step-mom, Teresa, and her fabulous helper Becky. It was so good and we are still eating on it :-) I love how it looks like real wrapping paper! I also can't wait to honestly say "Welcome baby Gage!" It won't be much longer... on Sunday I was 35 weeks pregnant but will be 36 weeks tomorrow (Wed). Only one more week before I am considered full-term. This has been a challenging pregnancy but to say that this one has flown by would probably shock many people but it honestly has flown by. I guess it's because I have an active 3 year old keeping me busy!

Big brother had just woken up from a nap so he was not in the mood to take pictures or anything. We sat in the car in the parking lot of the church letting him sleep until the shower started. As soon as he woke up.. his eyes barely open, he states "let's get this started" I guess he was ready for brother's shower! (Honestly I think he was just ready for cake and candy)

I am trying to get Hunter to eat some candy so that he will wake up and quit being so shy ;-) And on another note... gosh is he getting tall. I would give him 3 or 4 more years and he will probably be bigger than me :-(

Precious Mattie getting some fruit....
Some very sweet ladies made sure that Hunter got something special too. I really appreciated that!
I love the excited look on his face!

He kept coming over a grabbing the tissue paper, singing some song he made up about tissue paper, throwing it in the air, picking it up and throwing in the trash. I didn't mind because at least he was cleaning up. ha!
The precious wreath that Matt's mom made. She makes one for all the grandkids to put on the hospital door. With Hunter, his room was construction so she did a wreath around that theme. Unfortunately, the boys are sharing a room and there will not be a special "theme" so I let Hunter chose what the wreath should be.
Me and my Mom...
Me and my Dad...

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Date

Here is my handsome Valentine’s (eve) Date! We went to Dairy Queen to get a chocolate dipped cone. I have to say.. I love my dates with my little man. He was such a mess, he kept wanting me to take pictures of him doing silly things or with the ice cream on his face. He always knows how to make me laugh!  Our actual Valentine’s Day was soo romantic… the three of us went to the grocery store, went to eat Mexican (this baby is craving it all the time.. not that I didn’t before I was pregnant already!), and then went to the lawyers office to sign some papers. After that I went home to lay down.. in too much pain to do any more. It was very romantic! But I am honestly not hard to please… I was just happy to spend time with my family.

Hunter has been a true mess lately. He is going through many phases all at once. He keeps us laughing, starting to tell “stories” that aren’t true, and testing his independence (becoming way too big for his britches) …but all in all a true blessing to have around. There is a little boy at church that doesn’t really like to share yet and Hunter (being the tease he is) enjoys taking things from the boys area that he is playing in. Well that little boy never likes it and pitches a fit. That gets Hunter stirred up and both boys end up arguing at church. This past Sunday they were getting loud and it scared this set of twins whose mom had to be gotten out of church to calm them down. I felt so bad when I was told that. However, I guess the workers talked to the other boy and said something like “Jesus wants us to share” or something like that because now Hunter uses the Jesus excuse for everything. For example, he wanted a coke the other day and we don’t really let him have cokes and his response was “Jesus wants me to have cokes”.. I said “no Jesus didn’t have cokes and Jesus wants you to listen to your mommy”. Gotta love that boy!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

33 weeks

33 weeks pregnant… wow not much longer! I haven’t been good at updating my prego pictures this time around.. probably because I am keeping up with a 3 year old and just honestly feel horrible to where the last thing I want to do is take a picture. However, my wonderful co-worker looked at me today and noticed that I have grown some more this week and said it was about time to take another picture. Please excuse how horrible I look but I am doing the best I can.. ha! I go to the doctor tomorrow for my 33 week check up and then I will go again for my 35 week check up. When I go for my 35 week check up, the doctor will start checking to make sure I have not dilated and I will have to start going each week until baby Gage arrives. Two of my best friends are pregnant right now also and it has been wonderful going through this experience with them. One of the friends, Marley, was pregnant with me when I had Hunter.. we actually delivered the same day and across the hall from each other. She is not due until May this time around but still we can exchange stories and support each other. The other friend, Paige, is supposed to be due a couple of days after me.. however I have a feeling she will be delivering sweet Katherine way before me (lucky girl!). She has been a wonderful support system and we call, email or text each other when anything comes up. Glad to be experiencing this with her this time around because from the sound of it this is her last go around. As hard as this pregnancy has been on me this might be mine too but at the same time I will never turn down another if that is what God wants for our family.
At the last doctor’s visit, Gage was right on target and moving like crazy. He does not like to be messed with at all. I had to go to the hospital part and be monitored one day when I thought I was having contractions and they could not pick up his heart beat because he would not quit hiding. He doesn’t mind me rubbing my belly when I know he is poking around but someone else touch my belly and he immediately hides towards my back. It sounds like he is going to be an independent little boy who just wants to be left alone. Hunter won’t mind that at all because he isn’t going to like sharing all the attention. All though, he does mention that Gage is my baby and he is Daddy’s to take care of. We started getting out the bouncy seats and things like that and started putting them together. Hunter helped, of course, and that got him very excited about brother. We would tell him stories of when he was a baby in the seat and he was just on cloud 9. He still can’t believe he was a baby… he talks about “baby Hunter” in third person as if it is another child and not him J
All in all we are doing wonderfully and can’t wait for our family of 4!