Saturday, January 26, 2013

Snow Day and Tennessee...

Two weeks ago the weather man said that there would be snow coming our way... living in the south you prepare for the snow but honestly don't get your hopes up. The night before it was supposed to snow, what are we about to run out of?! Milk and bread.. we made do with what we had because I was not going to fight the "end of the world" crowd at the grocery store just for those two items. I will be honest, if it snows.. milk and bread is the last thing I would want. The next day I was home sick from work but around lunch time Hunter and Anita told me it started snowing. Since it only snows once a year (if we are lucky) I put my big girl pants on and went outside to play for a few minutes. I knew I would regret it regardless of how I felt. This is the first year Hunter really seemed to understand and enjoy the snow. He says he remembers it from last year but this year he really seemed to be excited about it.
Grammy built him a snowman... he kept telling me to build him a Santa Clause next. Ha! I told him only snowmen were built out of snow!

The next day my mom and Mike went to Tennessee to get away for the weekend since Monday was a holiday. I found out at work that we would be closed Monday so I called Matt up and he got us packed and we left to crash their vacation as soon as I got off work. It was a very long ride for my ol' prego self but it was completely worth it. Hunter enjoyed the fact that there was still some snow for him to play in. While they all played I stayed inside to try to get some much needed rest.

Looks like we have created a snowball throwing monster :-)

You just can't ever get him to take a serious picture with me or Matt.. he definitely keeps us laughing!
Daddy got him back from all the snowballs he was throwing earlier....

See what did I tell you... no serious picture!
We went to the boot place.. you buy 1 pair of boots and get 2 pair of boots free. Can't pass up that deal! Hunter begged for a picture with the big boot.
Pops told him about this candy store where you have a huge selection of candy to chose from. Hunter was sold at the word candy but to have this much candy available.. he was in candy heaven. He was too funny picking out everything. I will admit that he still has pretty much all of the candy because we only let him have one or two pieces a day. We want him to be a kid and indulge but we don't want to teach him to over eat candy and bad things like that.

I think his favorite part about the cabin was the pool table. As long as he was in the cabin and awake, he was by the pool table. I just had to share with you his serious "I mean business" pool face :-)

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