Friday, January 11, 2013

Lately and 29 weeks!

Lately things have been kind of crazy around our house from trying to get over all the sickness going around to slowly getting the house ready to put on the market soon. But we are trying to slow down some and spend the last few months as a family of 3 making good memories with our little buddy. I know once the baby comes things will get crazy and I don’t want him to feel excluded or forgotten in any way. If we have to get anything ready for baby we will talk to Hunter about how we got things ready for him when he was in my belly and tell him how excited we were for him. He loves those stories and is always asking questions. Right now they are going to be sharing a room so I have been moving clothes around trying to get more drawer space. I did most of this while Hunter and Matt were out of town.. after I did it I was very nervous for Hunter to see it because he does not like change and does not adjust to it well. However, I made it like a big boy thing and he never complained once. Actually he seems pretty excited that his stuff has been moved and brother has his old drawers. Thank goodness because I was not wanting a meltdown!

Happy 29 weeks!
I am now in my third trimester and am ready for this baby to make his presence… (not really, he needs to cook longer but still…) I went to the doctor Wed. and he looks good. I told the doctor that I have been having major pain in my pelvic, hip and leg area.. so much so that it can hurt to walk, sit, stand, do honestly anything.  The doctor knew exactly what it was, he said it was Diastasis symphysis pubis.  There are other different names for it but basically my body is releasing the hormone relaxin too early and its causing so major major pain. The only thing that can help at times with the pain is a support band. We were going to wait until this weekend to get one but I was hurting so bad that we went shortly to Birmingham after the doctors appointment to get one. The band definitely helps but I still have a lot of pain. This little boy is making sure Mommy is tough! Morning sickness has made its presence known again so I really have not been craving anything lately. However I have been wanting cherry tomatoes (for those who know me, know I do not eat tomatoes). I haven't tried them yet, still hesitant but wanting them so badly. I also tried broccoli salad for the first time Wed. (again for those who know me, know I do not eat mixed things). This little one is trying to make my taste buds grow up!! I don’t mind either, I get kind of bored with the same ol plain foods. ;-)
Hunter loved going to the maternity store and hanging out while I tried on some clothes and the band. He found the belly pillow and said he wanted a belly like mommy. He was so funny! He definitely keeps us laughing!
(please excuse the bra in the background, my insane computer won't let me crop today)

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