Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Santa was very good to Hunter this year.. he got pretty much everything that was on his list except a Batman movie. Thankfully Santa realized that he was a little to young to have one of those this year.. maybe next year. Hunter has a wild imagination already and we have to be so careful with what he watches or the littlest thing is taken to the extreme. Thank you Santa!

Matt had to work Christmas morning so we got up extra early to open presents. I was waiting in the living room to press record on the video camera because I wanted to catch his expression when he saw his gifts. I waited for what felt like 5 minutes and he still hadn't came to the living room. Now when I was a kid and you said there was presents I was up out of that bed so quick and running to the living room. Not Hunter... he finally came out of the bedroom but kept looking into the living room.. the only thing that we can think of is that he thought Santa was still in there and he did not want to see him. He took after me in this area.. we are not fond of Santa or anything dressed up. After much convincing by us, he finally came into the living room.

He got a bow & arrow, scooter, a leap frog letter computer, leaf blower, chain saw, transformer dinosaur, and some other little things. He was a very good boy this year! Also the best gift was while we were opening presents Matt got called in. Yes that means no pay but money doesn't buy everything and we enjoyed spending all day Christmas with him.

Christmas night, all the grandparents came over to celebrate. Usually they come over that morning but with Matt scheduled to work we just didn't want to do anything without him. They all came over and spoiled us to death. We got way more than we could ever think of and are very thankful. Overall it was a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to celebrate Jesus' birthday next year!

 Gosh me and my 27 week belly.. getting BIG! It's getting harder and harder to sit in the floor comfortably but I wouldn't trade spending Christmas in the floor with Hunter over being comfortable any day :-)

 Only in the South do you find your husband, Step-dad, and Dad in your kitchen with your Dad holding a riffle.
 Speaking of guns, Hunter got another one. The one he got last year broke within days... not sure if it was how it was made or if it was Hunter. Probably a mixture of both!

 Hunter and Uncle Collin playing play-doh
 He got this remote control robot. Not sure who is more excited about it.. him or me. It is precious (can you describe a robot as being precious?!)

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