Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Parade

The Christmas parade came to town last Tuesday. I always love the parade but will be honest, it didn’t feel like a Christmas parade. I was in long sleeves but was actually burning up (and no not just because I am pregnant!). I remember when I was younger and we would go to the parade in sweaters, toboggan's, gloves and blankets. Now it is much different… which is kind of sad. There was a chance of rain again this year but that didn’t stop us one bit. Before the parade Hunter and I went and got a blizzard. This is a rare treat before supper but my throat was killing me from all the sickness going around so I figured it was ok this one time. A blizzard makes everything so much better! Then we met up with Mimi and Pops at Mimi’s work and watched the parade. I brought my chair hoping Hunter would want to sit in my lap so I wouldn’t have to try to get up and chase after him. He sat in my lap for a little bit but quickly wanted up so he could stand behind my chair and use me as a barrier between him and the parade. He didn’t like all the people waving at him, in his words it was “ridiculous!”. He kept asking me why in the world all of those people were waving at him. We have got to work on his manners.. ha! I thought he would love the band but nope it was too loud. He did however enjoy the fire trucks and the horses that are at the end of the parade. We hated Daddy wasn’t with us this year but work calls and you have to answer.  L However we sure did miss him!

*And on another note I am 24 weeks prego... only 16 or so more weeks to go. :-)

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