Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning we visited with some friends of ours that we haven't seen in months, Rhonda and Brian. This allowed Hunter to play with there many boys! He loved it and was glad to get to play with some boys, due to the fact that most of his cousins and playmates are girls pretty much. We left there after lunch thinking that he would be ready for a nap.. because gosh his parents sure were. He feel asleep in the car but usually we can get him back in the house and he will go back to sleep with some milk and his rags. This time, however, was different... of course he did not go back to sleep and mommy and daddy were sure tired. We convinced him to lay in the bed for an hour or two and watch a movie with us before we had to get ready to go to Matt's grandfather's house for another Christmas event.

When we got home we had to put some taco soup on in the crock pot for the next day and we had the best helper of all helping us!

 Then we had to leave out cupcakes (Hunter's request), milk, and a piece of candy (Hunter's request also... he Santa the milky way's were Santa's favorite!) After that it was off to bed so Santa could deliver the toys.

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