Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Santa was very good to Hunter this year.. he got pretty much everything that was on his list except a Batman movie. Thankfully Santa realized that he was a little to young to have one of those this year.. maybe next year. Hunter has a wild imagination already and we have to be so careful with what he watches or the littlest thing is taken to the extreme. Thank you Santa!

Matt had to work Christmas morning so we got up extra early to open presents. I was waiting in the living room to press record on the video camera because I wanted to catch his expression when he saw his gifts. I waited for what felt like 5 minutes and he still hadn't came to the living room. Now when I was a kid and you said there was presents I was up out of that bed so quick and running to the living room. Not Hunter... he finally came out of the bedroom but kept looking into the living room.. the only thing that we can think of is that he thought Santa was still in there and he did not want to see him. He took after me in this area.. we are not fond of Santa or anything dressed up. After much convincing by us, he finally came into the living room.

He got a bow & arrow, scooter, a leap frog letter computer, leaf blower, chain saw, transformer dinosaur, and some other little things. He was a very good boy this year! Also the best gift was while we were opening presents Matt got called in. Yes that means no pay but money doesn't buy everything and we enjoyed spending all day Christmas with him.

Christmas night, all the grandparents came over to celebrate. Usually they come over that morning but with Matt scheduled to work we just didn't want to do anything without him. They all came over and spoiled us to death. We got way more than we could ever think of and are very thankful. Overall it was a wonderful Christmas and we can't wait to celebrate Jesus' birthday next year!

 Gosh me and my 27 week belly.. getting BIG! It's getting harder and harder to sit in the floor comfortably but I wouldn't trade spending Christmas in the floor with Hunter over being comfortable any day :-)

 Only in the South do you find your husband, Step-dad, and Dad in your kitchen with your Dad holding a riffle.
 Speaking of guns, Hunter got another one. The one he got last year broke within days... not sure if it was how it was made or if it was Hunter. Probably a mixture of both!

 Hunter and Uncle Collin playing play-doh
 He got this remote control robot. Not sure who is more excited about it.. him or me. It is precious (can you describe a robot as being precious?!)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve morning we visited with some friends of ours that we haven't seen in months, Rhonda and Brian. This allowed Hunter to play with there many boys! He loved it and was glad to get to play with some boys, due to the fact that most of his cousins and playmates are girls pretty much. We left there after lunch thinking that he would be ready for a nap.. because gosh his parents sure were. He feel asleep in the car but usually we can get him back in the house and he will go back to sleep with some milk and his rags. This time, however, was different... of course he did not go back to sleep and mommy and daddy were sure tired. We convinced him to lay in the bed for an hour or two and watch a movie with us before we had to get ready to go to Matt's grandfather's house for another Christmas event.

When we got home we had to put some taco soup on in the crock pot for the next day and we had the best helper of all helping us!

 Then we had to leave out cupcakes (Hunter's request), milk, and a piece of candy (Hunter's request also... he Santa the milky way's were Santa's favorite!) After that it was off to bed so Santa could deliver the toys.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Kicking off the Christmas celebrations!

Saturday was the beginning of our Christmas celebrations. We started off with brunch with Matt's parents and brother/sisters. That night was Christmas with Matt's mom's side of the family. We had a lot of fun and ate way too much good food!
 Hunter received the Hungry Hungry Hippo game. I remember having it when I was little and enjoyed it so much. Good memories playing it with all of my cousins.
 Looks like the fond memory was passed down to all of these cousins. They had a blast. It's funny that kids these days get all these electronic devices and etc but give them a simple traditional game and they have a fit! I loved hearing all of the laughing and having fun.. I think Luke (the oldest in the picture) was having more fun than the little kids :-)

Sunday morning we got to relax some before going to my mom's side of the family to eat, open presents and play Dirty Santa once more. A good time was had by all... Hunter especially enjoyed his Buzz Lightyear toy. I think this is the second year he has asked for one and was soo excited to finally receive one by his great-grandmother and great-grandfather! I still laugh thinking about how shy Hunter was when he first got there (which is normal for him in any new place that he doesn't visit often) and everyone was talking about how shy and quiet he was.. then by the end of the night he was running around, laughing, playing baseball with rolled up wrapping tissue.. having himself a good time with my cousin Auburn. He is a very active kid once you get him warmed up a little bit!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

It is beginning to look and finally feel somewhat like Christmas. All of a sudden the temperature dropped to around 50 degrees outside.. major difference! I had a little helper helping me decorate the house this year and boy did I need all the help I could get. He had fun unwrapping the ornaments and wanting me to tell him what each one was and the stories behind them. He thought the ones of him or for him were so silly! We have a stuffed snowman and santa and then a Little People's nativity scene that is his most favorite. He plays with both daily. I love Christmas decorations and wish we could leave them out year round.

 Who doesn't love Christmas lights?!? We sure do! We decided to try out the zoolight safari at the zoo this year. When we pulled up it was jam packed but I didn't care, I was going to fight through the crowd and enjoy the lights. All Hunter really cared about was riding the train. I asked for 2 good pictures with him and this is what that little stinker gave us... I have no clue where he got his personality from. He gets it honest from me and his Daddy :-)

 However he did take a good one beside the giant snowman...
 We wanted to make some Christmas cookies this year. We went to Walmart, bought the cookie cutters, sprinkles, and cookie dough. When we got home we got the cookies all ready, cut out and decorated only to remember that our over didn't work. BUMMER! Now 2 weeks later we have the part in to fix our oven and we get to bake them. They were delicious!
 Gotta love his dirt mustache.. ha! He has been playing hard in the woods with his Daddy all day.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Parade

The Christmas parade came to town last Tuesday. I always love the parade but will be honest, it didn’t feel like a Christmas parade. I was in long sleeves but was actually burning up (and no not just because I am pregnant!). I remember when I was younger and we would go to the parade in sweaters, toboggan's, gloves and blankets. Now it is much different… which is kind of sad. There was a chance of rain again this year but that didn’t stop us one bit. Before the parade Hunter and I went and got a blizzard. This is a rare treat before supper but my throat was killing me from all the sickness going around so I figured it was ok this one time. A blizzard makes everything so much better! Then we met up with Mimi and Pops at Mimi’s work and watched the parade. I brought my chair hoping Hunter would want to sit in my lap so I wouldn’t have to try to get up and chase after him. He sat in my lap for a little bit but quickly wanted up so he could stand behind my chair and use me as a barrier between him and the parade. He didn’t like all the people waving at him, in his words it was “ridiculous!”. He kept asking me why in the world all of those people were waving at him. We have got to work on his manners.. ha! I thought he would love the band but nope it was too loud. He did however enjoy the fire trucks and the horses that are at the end of the parade. We hated Daddy wasn’t with us this year but work calls and you have to answer.  L However we sure did miss him!

*And on another note I am 24 weeks prego... only 16 or so more weeks to go. :-)