Friday, November 23, 2012


This year's Thanksgiving wasn't as hectic as years before I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Being pregnant (and this crazy pregnancy at that) I couldn't do too much or didn't want to get overly exhausted or I knew I would suffer for it later. We started out going to Thanksgiving lunch on my Dad's side and then to Matt's family to eat supper. We enjoyed spending time with family and hate that we didn't get to see everyone but knew they understood the circumstances.

With a busy 3 year old, it's hard to get "perfect" pictures anymore but I do the best I can. At my Dad's side, Hunter and I enjoyed some playing time together by playing soccer and throwing the ball. I am not sure who was wearing out who more. Ha! Overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are thankful for all of our family, friends, health, jobs, roof over our head and food on the table.

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