Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities!

The Saturday before Halloween we had a Halloween birthday party for Seth and Ross to go to. Hunter was beyond excited to be able to wear his costume! He had a blast playing around and pretending to be Buzz Lightyear....

On Halloween we painted the pumpkins that we picked at the pumpkin patch..

After we painted our master pieces it was off to Truck-or-Treat with Grace Baptist Church. It was jam packed but we enjoyed seeing family and of course Hunter enjoyed getting candy! As a kid I loved getting candy but as a parent I really don't like the fact that kids get candy... all day every day is an argument on when he can eat a piece of candy.. I am about to go insane and it's only been one day this year! Pray I make it a few more days without either throwing the candy away or giving it to some other kids/parents. All in all, it was a wonderful Halloween and we even made it back home and in bed at a decent hour. I call that a success!

 Mimi and Buzz

 My Dad and me
 Happy 19 weeks pregnant!

 Hunter was eager to get Pops help counting his candy. I guess he is taking after me when I was younger when I counted my candy so I would know if someone took it. You would have thought I didn't grow up as an only child.. who else besides Mike "Pops" was going to take it ;-)

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