Thursday, November 29, 2012

Boys will be Boys!

This week has been very eventful so far. Monday I started having really bad contractions… didn’t put them off as Braxton hicks at first because I thought it was too early to get them. Then that night we didn’t feel the baby move at all so the pain plus him not moving made us take a trip to the ER.. better safe than sorry! All is ok.. little man moved a lot after they tried to find his heart beat. I guess he is just a laid back little boy (gosh I hope so!) The doctor there said that I am just going to be one of those mom’s who are going to be unlucky and have the painful Braxton Hicks contractions early on and probably the rest of the pregnancy. I am beyond excited! Haha
I went to my normal scheduled OB appointment yesterday and everything is perfectly fine. Little man is growing more and more. Check out his long legs….  He definitely isn’t taking after his momma ;-)
 I am officially 23 weeks! I have not been good at taking prego pictures. I had Tracy at work take a picture of me right quick to post on here..

Then we took Hunter to his pediatrician because he has been very under the weather. He would not cooperate with the Dr. and open his mouth much for them but they did say that his throat was real red and his lymph nodes were swollen. Since he is not around other kids they didn’t worry about doing a strep test and making him open his mouth.. they decided to treat him as if he does have it. The poor thing is pitiful.. at times he tries to feel good but then it all hit him and he is back to his pitiful self. Thankfully he was able to get a good night’s sleep last night because the last night or so he hasn’t slept because he couldn’t breath through his nose. So maybe the medicine will work! We had mentioned to the Dr. that he had swallowed a dime two weeks prior but hadn't noticed that he passed it or not. To be on the safe side they sent us to the hospital to do an X-Ray to make sure it hadn't lodged anywhere. Thank goodness that dime is gone! The boy has never swallowed anything but gum but waits until he is 3 1/2 to finally do it!!

Just when we thought we could get ready for bed, Hunter was in the shower with Matt and was bathing himself and slept in the shower and busted his head open right beside his eye. All I hear is Matt screaming for me and I open the shower curtain to find blood all over Matt and all over Hunter.  Talk about freaking a mother out! As we are cleaning him up and trying to see what damage is done.. Hunter had worked himself up so much that he got sick all over me and him. AWESOME! Poor guy had a rough day yesterday… I really do hope he gets better soon. Matt keeps calling him Rocky and Hunter just looks at him all confused like “Daddy that is not my name” ha!

Friday, November 23, 2012


This year's Thanksgiving wasn't as hectic as years before I can't tell you how much I enjoyed it. Being pregnant (and this crazy pregnancy at that) I couldn't do too much or didn't want to get overly exhausted or I knew I would suffer for it later. We started out going to Thanksgiving lunch on my Dad's side and then to Matt's family to eat supper. We enjoyed spending time with family and hate that we didn't get to see everyone but knew they understood the circumstances.

With a busy 3 year old, it's hard to get "perfect" pictures anymore but I do the best I can. At my Dad's side, Hunter and I enjoyed some playing time together by playing soccer and throwing the ball. I am not sure who was wearing out who more. Ha! Overall it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and we are thankful for all of our family, friends, health, jobs, roof over our head and food on the table.

Monday, November 19, 2012


The other day as we were watching a movie, a carousel came across the screen.. Hunter immediately asked me what it was because he was. I instantly felt horrible that he is 3 years old and didn't know what a carousel was. On the on the hand, that could be a good thing because the closet one to us was at the mall. So you are very welcome Matt for not shopping that much while you were in nursing school. ha! However, Saturday after the football game (of course!) we decided to take Hunter to ride his first carousel. I had talked about all the different animals that might be on it but they changed all the animals to reindeer to celebrate Christmas. He didn't mind one bit though! Dear ol' Dad took him on his first ride.. he had a blast and loved every minute of it!

 After the ride baby (or me..) was craving a cookie so of course prego here gets what she wants and Hunter just forced himself to eat a cookie covered in icing. We shopped around for me some new shoes and the whole time he begged to ride again. So Momma got to ride this time.. I tried to just stand beside him but how much fun would that be.. none!!! Hope you enjoyed your first time on a carousel sweet man...

The three year old phase has been a challenge yet rewarding experience. I thought the two year old phase was tough but nothing has compared to the three year old one. He has been challenging his independent rights lately to the extreme. I love for him to be independent and interested in stuff but he is so strong willed that it pushes many of mommy and daddy’s buttons.. more mommy’s than daddy’s (that is probably because mommy is pregnant and her hormones can’t take a lot. Ha!) We like him to be strong willed because that trait will be beneficial in the long run but we just have to help him control that trait and learn when it is a good time to use it and when it is not. But then this defiant little boy can turn into the most sweetest angel in the world in a matter of three seconds. It’s amazing! I love that he wants to kiss and blow raspberries on my belly to try to make the baby “laugh”. It is the sweetest thing! I also love that when he is playing by himself he really has conversations with his toys. There is usually always a mommy, daddy and baby in every scenario. His imagination is unreal and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Right now his favorite thing to do is play UnO with his Daddy. Matt doesn’t let him win but surprisingly he win’s every time. It has been a really good game to help him with his colors and numbers even more. Hunter is always wanting to help with anything that we do and enjoys being an “adult”. If Matt and I are cooking, you better believe he has a stool right beside us helping. If we are actually cleaning the house he has the vacuum cleaning the rug or something. He is a very big helper. We have thoroughly enjoyed this little man and know he is going to be the best Big brother ever!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Festivities!

The Saturday before Halloween we had a Halloween birthday party for Seth and Ross to go to. Hunter was beyond excited to be able to wear his costume! He had a blast playing around and pretending to be Buzz Lightyear....

On Halloween we painted the pumpkins that we picked at the pumpkin patch..

After we painted our master pieces it was off to Truck-or-Treat with Grace Baptist Church. It was jam packed but we enjoyed seeing family and of course Hunter enjoyed getting candy! As a kid I loved getting candy but as a parent I really don't like the fact that kids get candy... all day every day is an argument on when he can eat a piece of candy.. I am about to go insane and it's only been one day this year! Pray I make it a few more days without either throwing the candy away or giving it to some other kids/parents. All in all, it was a wonderful Halloween and we even made it back home and in bed at a decent hour. I call that a success!

 Mimi and Buzz

 My Dad and me
 Happy 19 weeks pregnant!

 Hunter was eager to get Pops help counting his candy. I guess he is taking after me when I was younger when I counted my candy so I would know if someone took it. You would have thought I didn't grow up as an only child.. who else besides Mike "Pops" was going to take it ;-)