Monday, October 1, 2012


We were blessed to be able to take another trip to the beach this year. I don't know who was more excited between the three of us... me, just because it was the beach... Hunter for the same reason... then Matt, because it was the first vacation in three years where he did not have to study something. We got to spend four days and five nights in Panama City Beach with Mimi and Pops. I have learned one thing... next year I won't tell Hunter about the beach until the day we leave. He was so funny going around the house getting us "packed" and every other word that would come out of his mouth was the beach this the beach that. It was trying my pregnant hormones at times but all in all it was soo funny and very cute!

The first morning we were up before the sun came up, which was nothing unusual with my early bird, and so we cooked breakfast and waited for the sun to come up and warm things up a little before we headed out. The ocean was perfect... there were sandbars everywhere. This was perfect for us "shorties" and allowed Hunter to play even more in the water.

In the South, football is very important to us. Alabama played at 4:30 Saturday afternoon so Matt and Pops went to Hooters to watch the game while Mimi, Hunter and I played a little longer and then got ready to go eat with the boys.

 I really wanted a family picture... yeah it wasn't going to be so easy with this silly little boy!!
 My two favorite men in the whole world!!

At the beach we enjoyed playing on the beach, throwing the football, playing in the sand, sitting by the water, and soaking up the sun...

Of course we have to go to Pier Park and get some ice cream.. but before we go we better grab some family pictures while we can. With Hunter's refusal to take pictures we just try out best to take them whenever we can.

We found and caught an electric ray and a crab....

But this was my favorite crab of all...
Did you know crabs can shave?!!? :-)

We tempted to take our annual beach pictures. Usually we try to take more but after taking two that required him to sit down. he ran off and said he had enough and was through taking pictures. We got him to take one more by bribing him with a piece of gum. He took the picture and immediately asked where his gum was once he got through. Oh well.. we will always have the memories of taking the pictures. haha!

We had the best time at the beach and can't believe how fast the days went by. Can't wait for our trip next year as a family of four :-)

My wonderful Mom took a picture of the only thing left of this pancake restaurant. This is the first place Matt and I went on a date. We met the day before and Matt was a really early riser back then and called and wanted to take me to breakfast... so being the sweet girl I was and the girl that loved to eat.. I accepted. However, I was really being nice because I am not a morning person and if he asked me to do that now I would tell him to bring me something back.. haha! The city tore down the building to add onto Pier Park so I figured we better get a picture of the sign before it was tore down too. Next to where the restaurant was an empty parking lot for the pier that was across the street. That parking lot is where we actually first met for the first time and then later he proposed to me there. That parking lot has been replaced by I think Margaritaville so the sign is all we have left :-(  Little did we know that after that breakfast we would be married within two years, three years later have a wonderful and handsome 3 year old and now have one on the way. Wow!!

Oh yeah and the breakfast special price was still posted. Back then it was $2.50. Man have times changed.. haha!

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